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Fitness Trainer, Founder

Hi, I’m Abby and I’ve been a personal trainer since early 2018. I started off my fitness journey by taking a 700 hour Master Course at Focus Personal Trainer Institute in NYC and have been hooked since. My goal for my clients is to hep them become the best versions of themselves. Whatever the goal is, I can get you there with a specific program catered to you. One of the biggest things I’ve learned in my fitness career is that to be the best, you must continue to learn. I’m constantly reading, taking continuing education courses, and attending as many seminars as possible. I’ve worked with over 150 clients to date. I specialize in strength and conditioning, athletic training, kettlebell training, and pre/postpartum exercise. On the side of helping people, I love playing piano, drawing, and skiing.

Certifications and Education:

  • Focus Personal Training Institute 700 Hour Masterclass 2017/18

  • Equinox 200 Hour Internship 2018


  • Pre/Postpartum with Annette Lang 2019

  • First Principles of Movement with Craig Liebenson 2019/20

  • Fred Duncan The Art of Programming Course 2022

  • Kettlebell Coach University Level 1

  • Kettlebell Coach University Level 2

  • Kettlebell Coach University Elite

  • Russian Kettlebell Certification Level 1



Abby’s upbeat and positive nature make it a pleasure to be her client. Her unique balance of professionalism and friendship foster motivation in the gym that allow me to reach my goals and set new ones over again!
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